TORRAS COOLIFY 3 Neck Air Conditioner
TORRAS Coolify 3 neck air conditioner, a revolutionary device that can cool down your body temperature by 10-12°C in just 1 second. The Torras Coolify 3 features a sleek and integrated design, a proprietary body-sensing technology, a three-sided circulating cooling semiconductor, and an extreme cold wind that can be adjusted up and down. It also has a KU3.0 temperature control chip, a 14388mm2 cooling area, a super-computing power of over 10 million times, a 4D full-body wind curtain, a 300-degree surround air duct, and a separate back air duct.
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TORRAS COOLIFY 2 vs COOLIFY 2S: Which Neck Air Conditioner Should You Choose?
This article compares the features and performance of two neck air conditioners from TORRAS: the COOLIFY 2 and the COOLIFY 2S. It covers their cooling and heating performance, battery life and charging, design and comfort, app control and smart features, price and warranty. It concludes that both devices are excellent choices for personal temperature control, but the COOLIFY 2S has a slightly higher cooling performance, a larger battery life, and an app control feature, while the COOLIFY 2 has a lower cooling performance, a smaller battery life, and a flex-to-fit design. The article also includes images of the devices and their features.